'Yams' (Medium) Black Frame

'Yams' (Medium) Black Frame


The vibrancy of Gracie Kumbi’s ‘Yams’ has made this one of Lynley’s favourite fabrics!  The purples hues take on an amazing life in this hand-printed artwork.  Gracie is from Daley River in the Northern Territory.  An Artist since leaving school, she comes from a family of talented Artists and has exhibited her works all around Australia.

Our Limited Collections feature a selection of hand-printed fabrics from some of our favourite textile artists around the world. We make a very limited amount of each design.

The Medium Evelyn Clutch is just the right size to fit all the essentials while making your fashion statement.

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Dimensions approximately 22cm H x 25cm W with an opening of 15cm for maximum ease of use.  Each YellowBird Clutch is unique and pattern placement may vary from image.  Fabric lining also varies from clutch to clutch.  All YellowBird clutches are handmade, to the highest standards, in South Australia.