Vintage Kimono 'Traditional Village' in Orange (Medium) Natural Frame

Vintage Kimono 'Traditional Village' in Orange (Medium) Natural Frame


The setting of this ‘Traditional Village’ shows houses fronting a lake that is surrounded by flowers - a beautiful example of vintage kimono fabric design in a soft orange hue.

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment worn for important festivals or formal occasions. It is a style associated with politeness and good manners.

The Medium Evelyn Clutch is just the right size to fit all the essentials while making your fashion statement.

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Dimensions approximately 22cm H x 25cm W with an opening of 15cm for maximum ease of use.  Each YellowBird Clutch is unique and pattern placement may vary from image.  Fabric lining also varies from clutch to clutch.  All YellowBird clutches are handmade, to the highest standards, in South Australia.