Brown 'Textured' Leather (Large) Natural Frame

Brown 'Textured' Leather (Large) Natural Frame


Every now and then we find a special piece of leather with it’s own unique style and qualities that we know there is a special, one of a kind clutch to be made! This deep brown large leather clutch has the most amazing compressed texture, and it’s own organic shape. Confident, unique and proud, this is the perfect statement piece for the matching owner!

All hides used in YellowBird clutches are individually selected for their texture, quality and uniqueness.  The full cut design gives a classic style that shows off the full character of the hide it is made from.

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Dimensions approximately 22cm H x 34cm W with an opening of 15cm and magnetic closures for maximum ease of use.  Each leather Clutch is unique and each hide may have small features that vary from clutch to clutch.  Fabric lining also varies from clutch to clutch.  All YellowBird clutches are handmade, to the highest standards, in South Australia.